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Health Advice

November 15, 2009

I like Yoga. I attend Yoga classes regularly. Yoga is the best exercise and we should do it every day and early morning is the best time to do. Yoga is very beneficial for our body. It prevents our body from diseases and keeps our body fine and fit excess amount of fat and body weight deceases. Early morning yoga make our mind fresh, relaxed and full day becomes energetic. To increase the power of eyesight you should walk on green grass every morning its really helpful.

Some useful eye care tips for you:

1. Give a break to your eyes every 20 minutes this will help improve your productivity too.
2. While writing with the right hand, ensure light is on the left side so that the shadow does not fall on the writing material.
3. Make a conscious effort to blink more frequently.
4. If necessary, use eye drops 3 to 4 times a day to lubricate the eye; however, it is best to consult your ophthalmologist before putting any medicine on the eye.
5. Eat lots of spinach, leeks, blueberries (and fish) because all contain properties known to keep eyes healthy.
6. Use an umbrella or sunglasses to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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