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Romantic Meanings of Flowers

November 18, 2009

Today I like to say about flowers. Flowers play a significant part in our lives, especially during special occasions. Throughout the years of our tradition of sending flowers, some have become synonymous with certain meanings or expressions.

When you want to convey true love, there’s no doubt what you mean when you send red roses. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a fun way to send your message using the language of flowers. To let your love know you’re filled with desire or everlasting love, send one of these quick e Cards!

Selected Flower Meanings

1. Amethyst- Admiration; My Love for You is Undying
2. Spanish Jasmine- Sexy or Sensual
3. Four Leaf Clover- Be Mine
4. Orchid- Beauty
5. Red Tulip- Declaration of Love
6. Jonquil- Desire
7. Baby’s Breath Posies- Everlasting Love
8. Red rose- Passionate Love
9. Tulip- You are a Perfect Lover
10. Ambrosia- Returned Love
11. Gardenia- Secret or Concealed Love
12. Sunflower- Adoration
13. Amaryllis- Splendid Beauty
14. Red and White Rose- Unity
15. Ivy- Wedded Love and Fidelity
16. Fern- Sincerity
17. Daisy- Shared Sentiments
18. Carnation- Pride and Beauty
19. Zinnia- Thinking of You Though You’re Far Away; I Remember You Daily
20. Yellow Tulip- I am Hopelessly in Love
22. Daffodil- I Send my Regards; You’re the Only One for Me
23. Deep Red Carnation- My Heart Aches for You; I Admire You
24. Althea- Consumed by Love
25. Primrose- I Cannot be Without You

Expressing your feelings through the traditional meanings of flowers is a romantic way to show her your deepest feelings. A single flower can be just as impactful as large bouquet. Choose your select flower or flowers with care and thought. Write her the thoughts of your heart and the feelings you have for her. She is sure to treasure this sincere and romantic gesture.

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