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Practical Career Change Advice

April 10, 2011

Practical Career Change Advice – Don’t Wait at the Stop Light!
By Charlene Nora

Are you suffering from “Red Light Thinking”? Not sure? Here are five questions to help you determine if you do:

1. Do you constantly plan and prepare to leave your job but never take action?
2. Are you waiting for the perfect time to change careers?
3. Do you get a good idea and pencil it “to be done” later?
4. Are you overwhelmed by all your ideas to create your dream life and just put them on the shelf?
5. Are you waiting to be laid off to start working on your life?

Did you see yourself in one of those questions? Most people are “comfortable” in their current jobs and don’t want to rock the boat. They have a steady source of income, health insurance benefits and that’s enough. But do you realize if you’re not working on your dream, on your life, on your future, you are helping someone else build theirs? Which would you rather invest in – yourself or someone else?

So you have a great job and the possibility of pursuing what would make you feel great is just not on the agenda because it seems like “too much”.Or maybe you’ve decided that you’re not ready to start living and putting yourself on the backburner is fine by you. Planning, brainstorming and starting does not mean you’re going to quit your job on Monday. It means just that. You’re planning, brainstorming and most importantly -starting.

Stop preparing to give, to share and to live. Just Do It.

If you have “red light thinking” here are 4 steps to help you start going:

1. Clarify what you want your life to look like. In your dream life, what are you doing for work?
2. Crystallize what you want to do for income. Get clear on exactly 5-7 sources of income that you demonstrate an aptitude for and are motivated to do.
3. Prepare to make your transition. Do you realize most people started on their plan by working on it nights and weekends. Do the due diligence, research and whatever it takes to examine the viability of your idea. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Begin taking small steps to create the life you love, doing work you love.

If you want read more information about Career Change Advice click here.

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