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Hair Loss And Its Solutions

February 25, 2010

Hair is sensitive part of our body so, we should care our hair. With so many conflicting opinions, it can be hard to know which advice to take to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy every day. Here are to top dos and don’ts for daily hair care. Today I share some advice to you about hear caring. I hope you like it.

Natural Hair Loss Solutions:

Natural hair thinning remedies that have been recently tested risk-free which are also very effective. may be the use of organic products. Healthy natural products consist of saw palmetto, lavender, soybean, and ginseng.

Your love life:

Good hair care will lead directly to a good love life, and there is an easily observable reason for this. A first date will often involve going for drinks rather than an entire meal. It’s the point at which you both decide whether you want to spend a bit more time together – whether you’ll commit to a proper, full-on dinner date. Your success will be determined by whether you can purchase your round of drinks in an easy-going, yet timely, manner. Who gets served quickest at the bar? The person with the best hair. Take your hair care seriously or you’ll be spending the rest of your life alone.

DON’T: Try to save money by using cheap hair care products

Desi Girls says that Using the cheapest hair products is usually a false economy. Cheaper hair care products can contain man-made plastic polymers which coat the hair, leaving it looking dull. Salon hair products are more expensive because they contain plant proteins which will help to build up the hair naturally, allowing it to shine. Although salon hair products are more expensive per bottle, each bottle will last longer as you need to use less of them for best results.

If you rinse with cold water your hair will be shinier:

This is the one commonly held belief that is actually true. Cold water does help to create shinier hair, because it helps close the cuticle layer of the strand after washing and therefore boosts the effect of conditioner. If you rinse in cold water after washing, your hair will appear more lustrous and shiny.

Disclaimer: There is absolutely no scientific proof for any of the information above. It just makes us happy to think about all the ways really good hair care can benefit our lives.


Nigeria Travel Information And Guide

December 20, 2009

One important and popular country in Africa is Nigeria. Its economy has been rapidly growing in recent years, thanks to its much improved tourist industry. Indeed, Nigeria has every right to be proud of its wonderful country. And they should showcase it to the world. They have an abundance of and splendid coastlines and sprawling forests. Plan your itinerary well to maximize your stay and visit.

If you’re planning to avail of cheap flights to Nigeria, then it is a must to make careful considerations of the kind of route you’re planning to take. Nigeria is a large state and going from one place to another would be a bit complicated. When you plan of going to this country, it would be advisable to have an international carrier instead of internal airlines. Travel in Nigeria is usually by road or by air. The railway system is not used as much. Some roads in Nigeria are in poor condition and this can cause damage to vehicles. This applies especially to long journeys across the country. There is usually a lot of traffic in the cities as is the case with most major cities worldwide, however, coupled with bad roads, erratic driving it makes driving conditions more hazardous.

Nigeria is a country we’re coming to love. Getting around can sometimes be a little tough, and it’s certainly a challenging destination for first-timers to Africa, but you shouldn’t believe all the scare stories. Lagos is one of the most exuberant cities in Africa, while port city Calabar makes for an enjoyable stopover for travellers on their way to Cameroon. Across Southern Nigeria, old kingdoms carry on their customs, from creating elaborate brass sculptures to venerating the ancient gods. More modern traditions include one of the world’s pioneering primate conservation organisations. In the north, where the land dries out as it stretches towards the desert, Muslim Nigeria thrives in dusty trade cities where memories of the Saharan trade routes still linger. Don’t miss West Africa’s oldest city Kano, and Yankari National Park, the best in the country.

Another important activity in this place is drinking. They simply serve wide range of beer from local to international. They also have wines, liquor and other drinks. There are also pubs available for vibrant nightlife. Nightlife is livelier with their music and entertainment performances made for all the night visitors.

If you want to know more about Nigerian Girls then click here.

Romantic Meanings of Flowers

November 18, 2009

Today I like to say about flowers. Flowers play a significant part in our lives, especially during special occasions. Throughout the years of our tradition of sending flowers, some have become synonymous with certain meanings or expressions.

When you want to convey true love, there’s no doubt what you mean when you send red roses. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a fun way to send your message using the language of flowers. To let your love know you’re filled with desire or everlasting love, send one of these quick e Cards!

Selected Flower Meanings

1. Amethyst- Admiration; My Love for You is Undying
2. Spanish Jasmine- Sexy or Sensual
3. Four Leaf Clover- Be Mine
4. Orchid- Beauty
5. Red Tulip- Declaration of Love
6. Jonquil- Desire
7. Baby’s Breath Posies- Everlasting Love
8. Red rose- Passionate Love
9. Tulip- You are a Perfect Lover
10. Ambrosia- Returned Love
11. Gardenia- Secret or Concealed Love
12. Sunflower- Adoration
13. Amaryllis- Splendid Beauty
14. Red and White Rose- Unity
15. Ivy- Wedded Love and Fidelity
16. Fern- Sincerity
17. Daisy- Shared Sentiments
18. Carnation- Pride and Beauty
19. Zinnia- Thinking of You Though You’re Far Away; I Remember You Daily
20. Yellow Tulip- I am Hopelessly in Love
22. Daffodil- I Send my Regards; You’re the Only One for Me
23. Deep Red Carnation- My Heart Aches for You; I Admire You
24. Althea- Consumed by Love
25. Primrose- I Cannot be Without You

Expressing your feelings through the traditional meanings of flowers is a romantic way to show her your deepest feelings. A single flower can be just as impactful as large bouquet. Choose your select flower or flowers with care and thought. Write her the thoughts of your heart and the feelings you have for her. She is sure to treasure this sincere and romantic gesture.

Power Education

November 17, 2009

Its true that education is a power. I think teachers should be held in the highest esteem. A good education will open doors and never shut them. I have a college degree, but I think I might go back for a masters. I feel great when I am in a classroom, why not nurture that? A believe a teacher should be held in high esteem only if she is a good teacher… do u know teacher making rude remarks at students, how it damages them psychologically.

True education is that which makes us bow down in humility. It is that which shapes our nature and character. It can definitely not be the letters and the books we read but the realization that we attain from the same.

Teachers are responsible to a great extent in building the character of a student. Therefore, they should always be careful of the language and actions they use while teaching. Also, i feel teachers should always try to make lessons more interesting by adopting unconventional ways of studies. Like initiating debates, taking students to an educational trip etc … I think this really breaks the monotony of classroom study and makes the students more receptive.

India is so backward in providing education to all poor children. We the educated and more affluent must look into this problem and do something about it.

Do You Have Yuvraj Singh Pictures?

November 16, 2009

Do you know which is my favorite cricketer? Guss……

My favorite crickter is Yuvraj Singh. Here are some pictures of Yuvraj Sing. Do You Have Yuvraj Singh Pics? If you have Yuvraj Sing pictures then kindly share with me.


Health Advice

November 15, 2009

I like Yoga. I attend Yoga classes regularly. Yoga is the best exercise and we should do it every day and early morning is the best time to do. Yoga is very beneficial for our body. It prevents our body from diseases and keeps our body fine and fit excess amount of fat and body weight deceases. Early morning yoga make our mind fresh, relaxed and full day becomes energetic. To increase the power of eyesight you should walk on green grass every morning its really helpful.

Some useful eye care tips for you:

1. Give a break to your eyes every 20 minutes this will help improve your productivity too.
2. While writing with the right hand, ensure light is on the left side so that the shadow does not fall on the writing material.
3. Make a conscious effort to blink more frequently.
4. If necessary, use eye drops 3 to 4 times a day to lubricate the eye; however, it is best to consult your ophthalmologist before putting any medicine on the eye.
5. Eat lots of spinach, leeks, blueberries (and fish) because all contain properties known to keep eyes healthy.
6. Use an umbrella or sunglasses to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Beautiful Place – Marari Beach

November 14, 2009

I went Marari Beach last month with my family. We enjoy this trip. My all family member were happy to visit this place. Do you know about Marari Beach? Marari Beach is a beach in Alappuzha District of Kerala, India. Barely 11 km from Alappuzha town, this sleepy little village also called Mararikulam, is an idyllic location for a vacation.

Marari Beach

Marari Beach is a very extravagantly and exotically wonderful place to be. It is with great fortune that we are a part of this exotic place. Being a popular beach all over the world there are all kinds of accommodations for people who really want to spend some valuable time here.

mararibeachresort3To have an exclusive vacation with all kinds of comfort and luxury you must choose to be in the Marari Beach You’ll get all kinds of exclusively well decorated and well maintained standard accommodations. There are some cottages which are made exactly the way the ancient people use to live. These are all very much traditionally crafted and are exclusively constructed for a very calm and quiet environment. Along with the sea, here you’ll get wonderful sites for a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. There are many luxurious and privately arranged accommodations to.

marari-beachThe sea is indeed a great presence. You can prefer to have a whole evening or the day in this Marari Beach. There is no restriction to it added to which there are lots of security measures given for a more cozy stay. Tourists from all over the world really enjoy being a part of Marari Beach and thus visiting it again and again.